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Our hunting consists of spectacular western Illinois farms with approximately 50-60% woods and 40-50% crops, with corn and soy beans grown in some of the country's richest soil (and you know what that means - GIANT BUCKS!). Just what the doctor ordered! Our hunting areas are private properties located mostly in Fulton, Schuyler, and McDonough counties.

We are not going to tell you that our land is so much better than theirs. In this particular area of the country, it is all unsurpassed whitetail hunting. You just need to pick the outfitter where you feel you will have the most enjoyable time.

We don't over-hunt our properties like some do. Our biggest goal is to provide you with clean, spacious, comfortable lodging and unsurpassed hunting. In other words - providing you with a hunting vacation you'll never forget!

note to hunters

While no hunt is guaranteed, we DO guarantee that the giant buck are there. It's up to you to put them in the pickup. These mature deer are very intelligent and can be extremely good at teaching even the most seasoned hunters a completely new set of manners while in the woods. And like anywhere else, some days you see the deer, some days you won't. However keep in mind this is the golden triangle, the best whitetail hunting in the country.

We will work extremely hard to make all your dreams become a reality in the deer woods. We ask that you please be as cautious as possible about your scent control, movement, and camouflage. Please NO coffee, candy, or scented chewing gum in the treestand.


just the facts

  • Our hunts are semi-guided - meaning that one of our guides will position you at your stand site. If you have not had any success after a few days, the guide will relocate you to a new location. No one is permitted to move their location without management's approval.
  • We recommend bringing your own climbing stand. However, we do have ladder and some hang on stands already in place as well to comfortably accommodate you, and we mean comfortable.
  • You MUST have an approved safety harness (Fall Arrest System) when hunting from a tree stand. No exceptions.
  • If you prefer to use your own hang-on or ladder stand, you must put them up yourself a day prior to the day your hunt begins. We no longer hang them due to liability purposes.
  • Our bucks must be at least 135" or greater gross B&C (minimum standard). If you do harvest a buck smaller than 130", you will be fined $500. We require all of our hunters to sign a small buck harvest waiver (agreement includes button bucks).
  • Lodging is provided for all hunt packages. Dinner meals are included in hunt price only for specific dates. Call for details.
  • If providing you don't receive a permit, your deposit can only be refunded if you apply for your permit in proper means by Illinois DNR regulations. Proof of application process is required for refund.
  • A deposit (your choice of 25 or 50%) is required to reserve your hunt dates. Remaining balance must be paid by the date you need to start applying for your permit. (Keep in mind - your deposit is non-refundable if we fill your spot due to your remaining balance not being paid on time)

» Please Note: While Illinois does issue non-resident tags using a "lottery/draw" system, there are usually plenty of deer tags to go around. Don't worry about not being able to "draw" a tag - they usually have tags left over and are available over the counter by the time the season starts. We do suggest that you apply as early as possible, just so you have everything done for your hunt and you don't have to worry about any last minute details.

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  • Timbertall Whitetail Outfitters

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